Good Vs Bad Screen Time

What is the difference between Good Vs Bad Screen Time?

It is hard to ignore the fact that today’s generation kids are getting into technology more than they should be. Having laptop, tablets or Smartphone nearby make them use these. Even they are using the latest technology on the extreme. However, sitting all day near to screen can make them face issues lately. It can be related to eyes and bad sign on the brain which causes most of the issues.

What Is Bad Screen Time?

There are two types and each one has a different name which can help in knowing more about it.  Basically, you may know that most of pediatricians advice you to let children wander and do whatever they want but they put some restrictions too. Kids below the age of two years watching television, movies or videos on any of screen can face issues. It is called as passive screen time and it causes issue related to the learning of language and the vocabularies also decrease. It is better that you don’t let a kid sit in front of the TV for longer hours. Do it with most of the kids that are below the age of 2 years.

What is Good Screen Time?

Good screen time is totally different and it has some of the positive effects on kids which can make you prefer it. Well, when kids are going for cognitively and physically engages with interactive educational applications then they are learning numerous things. It increases the benefits and makes anyone learn numerous things. It has numerous benefits like it can help in the development of hands, eyes and other things. It also improves the coordination as well as the language skills which is really necessary for kids. You should make your kids prefer the good screen time because it will help them teach instead of making them struggle lately.

Final Words

If you don’t want to spoil your kids in the early age then there are couples of things that you can easily rely on. The first thing that you have to focus on is balancing between both. If your kid loves to watch TV or any sort of media then let them do it for a couple of minutes or half an hour only. Kids really love to watch TV and get addicted to bad screen time.  Making the balance in beginning is always typical but you can do it by setting some sort of restrictions.