Teaching Kids to Draw

Teaching Kids to Draw – A Basic Guide

In order to teach drawing to kids, there are so many things that you have to take into consideration. First of all, you should know the kid must be above the age of 15 months and it can be up to any age but mainly parents teach drawing in 15 months to 5 years of age. If you kid in this age group then it is time, he/she should take sketches in hand and draw whatever he/she loves to.

 basic lines If you are thinking about teaching drawing then you has to take care of so many things like how to make them hold sketches, how to draw basic lines and so on. You can try out all the methods but out mentioned methods will ease up the work and these are reliable too.

Here we are going to mention the method which can help in teaching effectively and you can easily follow all the given below. You can try out all the methods but out mentioned methods will ease up the work and these are reliable too. We’d like to recommend to start education with a help of graphic tablet, and the intuos art or intuos pro will be the optimal choice among the drawing tablets


  1. Teach To Hold Pencil

You can try out any of the product from pencil to sketch pens. However, what the major factor is to hold these wisely. You should know whether your kid does most of the things wit left hand or the right one. Most of the people teach their kids to hold the pen in right hand but there is no issue if they do it in opposite one. Just hold a pen in your hand and show your kids the method to do it. Now, give this pen or pencil to them and teach the method of holding it roughly. They will get perfection with time. Make sure to correct them time to time whenever they hold the pen in the wrong manner.

  1. Introduce them with real art

There are so many digital drawing apps that can help you out in teaching work. Just for an example, you can show them some of the awesome design that is easy to copy and motivate them saying, you can also do it. If you know the method to draw then teaching work to become easier and you just need to take a pen and draw the base of a sketch. It starts from drawing the outline. Make your kid draw the same you are doing. It will take time little time to hold pen and draw whatever you are doing.

  1. Take Them On Next Levels

If it becomes typical to teach base to a kid then you have to focus on some other methods. There are art books available where kids need to match dots by numbering and they can draw an awesome sketch by this method. They may feel complication earlier but they are definitely going to love it whenever they will finish it. With the drawing tools, they can learn with ease. Teach them about drawing a straight line then a circle and then joint all those to make them unique.

These are some of easy to rely upon methods which can help in drawing like the digital drawing tools are helping so far.